What does it mean to register with a health center?

To register with a health center means that you pick a specific health center for your physical healthcare. You can pick any health center anywhere in Sweden and youre free to change at any time.
There are several reasons to register with a specific health center; it could be about service, location, competence, availability or that you prefer to see a certain doctor.
The idea is that by registering with a health center you will get better care and continuity from the same care provider over time. You decide what you think is important when you choose your health center. You can also choose to not register with a health center.

How do I register with a health center?

You can use the app to register with one of Doktor.ses health centers if you wish.
You can also register with any health center by logging in to 1177.se and pick one there or call the health center you wish to register with, and they will help you.

How many times can I change my assigned health center?

You can change to another health center however many times you want.

When should I not change my assigned health center?

If youre content with your health center and dont want to change to another.

Could a health center say no to me registering with them?

Yes, some health centers have a queue to register with them if they currently dont have enough resourses for more patients. You can then choose to be placed in the queue and will be contacted when you can register with the health center of your choice. The queue is based on turn order and is not affected by if youve been registered with a certain health center before, you cant get priority.

Do I have to register with one of Doktor.se’s health centers to use the app?

No, anyone can use the app for digital healthcare regardless if they register with one of our health centers.

Can I register with multiple health centers?

No, you can only register with one health center at the time.

If I’m not happy with my new health center, can I change back to a previous one?

Yes, you can change your assigned health center whenever you want. Just remember that other health centers might have a queue and you will not get priority for having registered with them previously. If there is a queue there might be a long time before you can register with your previous health center again.

Can I register wherever I want, even if it’s far from my home address or in another region?

Yes, you can register with any health center you want in Sweden. You will need to pay for any travel expenses if you choose one far away from where you live.

Is there a fee for signing up or changing health center?

No, there is no fee for registering or changing to another health center.

Can I receive healthcare from a health center I have not signed up with?

Yes, according to the Patient Act you can apply for healthcare at any health center even though you have not registered with them. For better continuity, the recommendation is to register with your choice of caregiver and contact them first-hand if possible.

What happens to my place in the queue if I register with a different health center while I’m waiting?

You will lose your place in line and will need to register with the health center again.

Will I be registered with one of your health centers automatically if I use the app?

No, you need to actively agree to be registered to one of our health centers and will stay registered to your health center of choice even if you use the app. It is never a requirement to register with one of our health centers to use our app for digital healthcare. Most of our patients are registered with another healthcare provider and use digital healthcare as a complement.
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