How much is the fee for using

The patient fee is up to 200 kr, depending on where you live, your age and what kind of help you require. You will always be notified before your appointment if it should result in a fee, and you can then make a decision to proceed or not.

Can I use for a VAB (absence to care for a child) certificate?

To read our current routines about VAB, please continue to this page (in Swedish) : Sjukintyg

Is my excemption card valid when I book an appointment with

Yes, if your appointment should result in a fee your exemption card is valid.

Can my child use the app?

We can help children from age 0. To be able to sign up and log in to the app you need to be 16 years old. For younger children the parent or primary caretaker is required to log in and create a profile for them.

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment with a psychologist?

Please email and we will help you reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Can I get my presciption drug sent to my address?

You can order your prescription drugs from any pharmacy online, for example our partner Kronans apotek, from which you can make an order directly in our app

Do you have midwives working for you?

Yes, we have midwives working at

Why do I need to identify myself with Bank-ID?

This is so we know who we are providing care to, so that we can offer safe healthcare and good service.

How do I log in via your website with Bank-ID?

Our website app will not open your Bank-ID automatically, you need to open Bank-ID on your phone or computer and sign in.
If it
s not working, try clicking Log in from another deviceand follow the instructions in the Bank-ID app.

Under what circumstances will you refer me to a health center?

We will refer you to your health center when your needs require it. Currently 9 out of 10 patients that contact us via the app get the help they need directly. 1 out of 10 patients are referred to a physical healthcare provider for further help and evaluation. have our own primary health centers that you can sign up with if you prefer to have your physical healthcare provided by us as well

How do I contact my health centre?

You can find the contact information for your clinic on their website. Click here to find all the information about our health centers. 

How do I cancel my account?

Please email
and they will assist you with cancelling your account.

How long will I need to wait before I get to talk to a doctor?

Our goal is to provide you with care as soon as possible and it will only take a few minutes to start an appointment. Sometimes the queue is longer when several people are contacting us at the same time, but you can always see your queue number and estimated waiting time in the app.

You will be notified when it’s your turn.

Will I automatically be signed up with’s health centers when I contact you via the app?

No, you can always contact us without signing up with one of our health centers. Please read more about signing up with health centers here.

Can I borrow my partners Bank-ID to log in and contact you?

No, our service is personal and you cant use someone elses Bank-ID or account.

Who have access to my medical journal?

Only the medical staff that you are in contact with will have access to the information in your medical journal.

I’m a healthcare provider and need to get in contact with

Please email and we will help you get in touch with the right person.

I have a complaint, how do I contact you?

Please email

You can also contact Patientnämnden in your region.

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