Renew prescription

Renew your medications quickly and easily through the app. It's usually done within a few minutes, and you can pick up your prescriptions at any pharmacy the same day. Renew your prescriptions from wherever you are, every day of the week, all year round!

Here's how you renew your prescriptions - in less than 30 minutes!

1. Log in to the app and select prescriptions

Log in to the app. Choose "Renew prescriptions" on the home screen. Answer a few quick questions related to your medications.

2. Response in the app in a few minutes

When the doctor has reviewed your request, you'll receive a notification in the app. This usually takes just a few minutes. In most cases, we don't need to call, but sometimes a video meeting is required. In some cases, a physical examination may also be necessary.

3. Pick up your prescriptions

Once the doctor has provided a response and renewed your prescription, you can pick it up at any pharmacy. Renewing prescriptions with us usually takes less than 30 minutes!

Frequently asked questions about prescription renewal

Prescribing of new prescriptions

We also assist you in assessing symptoms to prescribe new medications. These may be symptoms you recognize and have been treated for in the past, or newly developed symptoms. Seek care in the app, and we will assist you!