Our history

The Company was founded in April, 2016.

The digital application for healthcare, Doktor,se, is launched in September. The company makes a major investment in order to secure a significant position in the Swedish healthcare market. During 2017, the group acquires two primary care clinics, Centrumkliniken in Uppsala and Vingåkers Vårdcentral, which make it possible for the company to combine digital healthcare with physical care in one integrated solution.  

The company’s mobile application, Doktor.se, grows rapidly. In October 2018, the mobile application is the most downloaded application in the healthcare section of the Apple App Store and Google Play. A total of 93,000 consultations took place in the mobile application in 2018. At the end of the year, 109,000 people are registered as users and the mobile application has almost 300,000 downloads since its launch. The company conducts a private share issue worth approximately MSEK 120 by issuing new shares to the Finnish stock market-listed company Oriola and by writing off liabilities from Doktor.se

Doktor.se acquires another primary care clinic, Örestadsklinikens vårdcentral in Malmö. Doktor.se expands its business model to include the platform by entering into a contract with Anicura, one of the leading veterinary care companies in the European market, which makes it possible for Anicura to offer digital consultations to its customers through the platform licensed from Doktor.se. Doktor.se conducts a private share issue worth approximately MSEK 100 with several investors including Bonnier Ventures AB. The group’s internal quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9000:2015. 

Doktor.se experiences strong growth during the year, the business grows organically and five primary care clinics are acquired in various parts of Sweden. Using its mobile app, Doktor.se assists the Swedish regions with antibody and PCR testing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Doktor.se signs a contract with Vibe Saúde to offer digital healthcare in Brazil by licensing Doctor.se’s platform. The platform partner Anicura expands its provision of veterinary care to Norway and Denmark. In order to expand the business further, Doktor.se conducts a private share issue worth approximately MSEK 500 by issuing new shares and converting shareholder loans. 

The company strengthens its geographic footprint in Europe by expanding its operations to Germany. The company acquires Medical Vaccin Norden AB, one of the largest suppliers of vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis in Sweden, and Sävedalens vårdcentral och BVC in Sävedalen, a primary care clinic and child health centre. The group’s Greenfield Clinic, Doktor.se Norra Djurgårdsstaden opens to patients.  During the year, the group begins offering Covid-19 vaccination services at its clinics. The group signs a partnership agreement with Philips BioTel in order to give patients access to heart monitoring diagnostic services. The group’s platform partner Proximus uses the platform licensed from the group in order to launch Doktr.be and offer healthcare in Belgium. The group’s mobile application reaches a new milestone as it exceeds one million registered users. The company secures MSEK 750 through a private share issue targeted at several investors, including Tencent Holdings Ltd. 

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